Busy distractions

I have been somewhat preoccupied by other work lately, the kind that pays the bills alas therefore not being able to find too much time in the studio. When I have managed to make it in, all of my focus has been developing my first artist book. Ok, honestly, perhaps not completely ALL of my focus. I always need some necessary side steps to doodle, think, digest and return to the task at hand, evidence of this below.

Scalpel-doodle Jo Howe Book Arts Book Sculpture
Scalpel doodle
Scalpel-doodle Jo Howe Book Arts Book Sculpture
Scalpel doodle – ‘Dance’

I am actually very pleased with how the book has been coming along and indeed it is rather delicious seeing the sea of cut pages filling the desk at the moment.

Work in progress Jo Howe Book arts Book sculpture Artist books
Work in Progress

I have finally finished cutting the pages, and I have been slightly surprised as to how dark the narrative has become as the work has evolved. I am heavily influenced, of course, by the original book content, though I am always careful not to read the novel first. Reading the new tome, I can also see I have been influenced by current affairs.

I am now ready to mount them in preparation for photographing. So, if anyone can recommend a great artist book publisher, who maybe interested in a new artist book author, please do let me know.




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