East Contemporary Art: A Collection of 21st Century Practice.

I am very excited and proud to announce that I have had two works accepted into this unique and ground breaking project.

I have just come back from the launch party at The University of Suffolk at the Waterfront building in Ipswich, where the collection will be housed.

Thank you to the lovely Mary Down and Freya Purdue for being such good company, and both, of course, also have works in this new collection.

Looking forward to seeing this project grow and the launch exhibition September 2013.

I will keep you posted as this evolves. In the meantime, here is a wee picture (rather bad one I must say) of myself and my two fine companions in the front row at the launch talk.

ECA Collection launch party Jo Howe Book Sculpture
ECA Collection launch party

2 thoughts on “East Contemporary Art: A Collection of 21st Century Practice.

  1. Hi Jo and Mary Congratulations to you both and Freya ( I don’t have e mail address) Fantastic- it sounds a great opportunity to show Your work to a wide audience So pleased for you all Keep me posted

    X Caryl Sent from my iPhone


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