Let the scalpel to the book page and let it run!

I am so excited about the new work I’m currently producing. It takes me back to one of my first encounters with ‘a different type of book’ or ‘a whole new reading experience’. That experience was my first encounter with the tome A Humument by the incredibly talented and renowned artist,  Tom Phillips. You just have to check out his drawings amongst other delights, quite sublime!

So, I noticed my continuation of doodling with a scalpel, a method that allows me to draw without my usual anxiety of  ‘not being able to draw’. The outcomes are often abstract, graphical and full of expression. I will of course post examples of these soon. For some reason, I am not quite ready to share these just yet?

Well, the scalpel did just run, and this process I began to apply to my books. I noticed how easy I journeyed from one part of the page to another, realising that this was enabling me to be a little less concerned about the context of the work and more interested in the process.

The other joy, is that now I am keen as mustard to be in the studio, no matter how cold and quiet it is!

Bring on the books!

Streams-of-consciousness-01 Jo Howe Book Arts Book Sculpture artist
Streams of consciousness
I-Baii-Tit-Tat-T Jo Howe Book Arts Book Sculpture artist
I Bait Tit Tat – T

4 thoughts on “Let the scalpel to the book page and let it run!

  1. My hat is off to you. I have not yet been brave enough to attempt this process. I’m that kid that’s standing in the corner watching and wishing that I had the kahounas to give it a go myself. I look forward to seeing more of your work, and hopefully, through your sharing, will gain the courage to try for myself. For now, I’m absorbing the beautiful work that you’ve shared.


  2. It’s amazing how different the flowing line looks and how it changes the feel of the work. Interesting titles too. Lovely.


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