Work in progress – Loving the process

I have been super busy at the moment, and  being able to get into the studio for some lengthy sessions has been a joy,  actually, rather funny too.  When asked what did I do at work today, I found it quite hilarious to show the results of my labours. Not convinced they really understood how much work it took to produce such a small outcome.

Anyway, I have found myself working up two new pieces concurrently, a most interesting process. This is quite unusual for me. My usual working methods finds me absorbed in one particular piece, and,  as is so often the case, ideas pop up whilst in this process, I generally just jot these down, quickly sketch these out and return to them when my brain is ready to explore them with vigour.

Nothing to nobody (working title) work in progress jo howe book sculpture
Nothing to nobody (working title) work in progress

I find that this time, and I am sure that this is because the work production stage currently is somewhat laborious, my mind just wanted to wander away, skipping along various different paths and really didn’t want to stop exploring.

This is actually quite beneficial, as sometimes the struggle to stay present to a piece of work when the production is monotonous can be quite difficult.

So, I reached for the sketchbook, and again noted ideas, made quick sketches, but this time, that pixie part of the brain was having none of it. A record of an idea was just not good enough! Consequently, honouring this particular diversion, I am now working on two completely unrelated works at the same time (well almost simultaneously… would be interesting if I could actually produce one work in my left hand and the other in my right).

So here we have the other work in progress too… yes those pesky paper cups are back, and this time I understand why I was drawn to them… Watch this space!

A spoonful of sugar (working title) work in progress jo howe book sculpture
A spoonful of sugar (working title) work in progress



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