#50DaysCreating- Does an ‘aside’ necessarily mean less than?

Well, I made it to Day 50!

This project was quite an eye opener in terms of the impact it has had on my practice. Bringing a side project to the fore, work that normally allows the mind to float and journey, exploring the recesses of the fabulous depths of the sub-conscious, rendered my wandering mind all but static and fixed. Yes, I did ponder new thoughts and little shards of creative light broke through to reveal potential new paths to travel with book pages briefly coming into view. Yet, I was far too distracted by the colours, marks and generally playfulness of my ‘aside’ to be able to see these paths clearly and completely.

The doodle cut became the focus not the side and my head is full of new little squares of joy to be crafted and carved into life.


I did however have this pop up today. Definitely referencing previous work but with a different flavour. I can see evidence of my journey with this.

I look forward to seeing what comes next… I thought I would know, but currently I have no idea. Scary and thrillingly exciting all at the same time.

In the meantime. I have decided to show the ’50’ alongside my other work  in ‘the flesh’ at Art Fair East with my fabulous studio crew at Langley End Studio. Come along and say hi. Great city, super venue, exciting event!





3 thoughts on “#50DaysCreating- Does an ‘aside’ necessarily mean less than?

  1. Hi Jo What a great project! I really enjoyed following your work every day. I see that your group are exhibiting at Art Fair East. Would you like it posted on DA site? xCaryl x >


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