sketchbook (ˈskɛtʃˌbʊk)

— n
1. a book of plain paper containing sketches or for making sketches in
2. a book of literary sketches

Can I really understand the sketchbook with such a definition? These works are playful journeys that sometimes are contained within a book…  sometimes on the nearest scrap of paper or other material I find.

To ‘sketch’ is not generally what I do. To release a creative expression without restriction to inhibit my process, is more my understanding, leaning often towards a ‘doodle’ aesthetic. These journeys are not specific to any particular work, but just a response to the moment. I don’t look for any outcome, just acknowledge the experience as  absolutely vital.

My creative process has evolved over the last couple of years, now my ‘sketching’ happens alongside my more formal practice. Each informs the other and, I believe, aids my flow.

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