Creative Facilitation

As well as being an artist, Jo is also a creative facilitator specializing in working with young people with Special Educational Needs. Her priority is to enable personal expression and as much independent choice and action as possible.

Jo employs a wide variety of skills including stop motion and digital animation, photography, mark making and creative journalling.

Her child led approach prefers not to define a project without initial consultation with the school and the pupils to afford a greater level of ownership for all involved.

Jo has also been a creative practitioner for the Royal Opera House as part of their Creative Partnership programme.

Current Projects

Arts Award for SEN, Music and Art as a Communication Skill: Providing opportunities for  the achievement of an Arts Award atExplore, Bronze and Silver levels  for children with Special Educational Needs. Hertfordshire (various sites).

See website for more information The Funky Pie Company

Past projects

‘A Sense of Self’ – Lonsdale School, Stevenage –  in association with Hertfordshire Creative Learning Programme.
The Wroxham School, Potters Bar: Hertfordshire Creative Learning
Programme inset day 2011.
Lonsdale School, Stevenage (SEN): Creative Partnerships 2010 – 2011.
Arts Award for SEN, Music and Art as a Communication Skill 2008 – ongoing annual project. Hertfordshire (various sites)
Stevenage Museum: Stop frame animation, transition project with local Year
Six and Seven pupils working with the Extended Schools Programme. 2009 &
Arts Award animation project: Larwood School (SEN), Stevenage. April 2009.
Arts Award for SEN pilot project, Music and Art as a Communication Skill:
Providing opportunities for the achievement of an Arts Award at Bronze level for children with special educational needs. Stevenage. 2008
Hourly Paid Lecturer: University of Hertfordshire. Teaching Macromedia Flash and research skills on BA Digital Lens and Media. 2005 -2009.
Lonsdale School, Stevenage (SEN): Project continuation ‘Creative approaches to  learning’.  2008 – 2009.
Creativity for Life: Creative approaches to learning. Lonsdale School, Stevenage. (SEN), 2008.