Digswell Arts Trust

Digswell Arts Trust, based in Hertfordshire, UK are not just a studio provider; they are an incubation platform for emerging artists. An artists first years of attempting to make a living from their art are challenging, and often involve developing a wider set of skills outside of their art practice. In addition, their art practice must also continue to develop.

Digswell Fellows experience a collaborative and supporting environment that offers for a three – five year period, the space to experiment and innovate within a creative community of other Fellows that are developing both their art practice and their wider commercial skills.

Creative Hertfordshire

Creative Hertfordshire is an online network for creative businesses, individuals and organisations across Hertfordshire. It is a free online resource that allows anyone within the creative business and arts community in Hertfordshire to showcase work, share latest news, events and projects, and network with others. It provides a one-stop-shop for businesses and consumers to find out about who is working creatively in the county, what is happening and where to go. It is designed to encourage interactivity and networking and to help businesses and customers find one another and work together.

Langley End Studio

This is my studio based in the countryside of Hitchin, Hertfordshire. I am so lucky to share  this place with two fabulous artists and just as fabulous human beings, Gill Ayre and Karen Picton. What a gift!

Inspirational artists

Brian Dettmer

Pablo Lehmann

Alex McIntyre

Ella Carty

Gill Ayre

Nicola Dale

Mary Down

Mark L’Argent

Caroline Lumb

Janie Graham

What floats my boat?

My guilty pleasure and so good for the soul, Djembe drumming. Try it yourself…

Collaborative journals

Delicious interactive fun

Digital fiction