“When we embarked upon this project, we would never have guessed that, as a school community, we could have produced such significant, beautiful and inspiring work. Our Creative Partnership Practioner, Jo, worked with drive and enthusiasm with our pupils, enabling them to inspire others and create fantastic work.
The ‘What’s your story?’ journals project took off across the whole school. Pupils and all school staff, contributed in amazing ways. Families worked together to produce stunning pages and share beautiful thoughts and images. Some pages showed a depth of feeling not usually revealed in daily life.
The completed journals amount to a stunning piece of work that might be described as a conversation the viewer is engaged in, and, as you turn the pages of this amazing piece of art, you feel humbled by some pages, inspired by others and excited by many. This piece of work stands as a legacy of all that our school stands for.”

Maria White
Lonsdale School

” Our project sought to enable all pupils to express themselves in new and imaginative ways, and also to engage the whole Lonsdale community – pupils, all its many staff, parents and carers – in an active creative pursuit.
For the first time, the whole School was led and fashioned by the Primary pupils working
alongside Artist Jo Howe; the sheer inspiration, creativity and skill of their work is a testament to her determination and vision, enabling them to create such outstanding independent results, including their own animated films!
The pupils of Primary classes further inspired all the Secondary and Post-16 classes, parents and staff to produce Journals by providing them with well-devised themes that are represented in this book. The quality, richness, diversity, inspiration, originality, wit and depth of the responses to the enquiry ‘What’s Your Story?’ have exceeded all expectations; the wonderful answers herein have been expressed in a wide range of media to tell variously engaging, extraordinary, moving, funny, poignant and beautiful personal stories. We have found out a lot more about each other, all drawn out and revealed in a way only such a creative project can do!”

Bernie Pritchard
School Project Co-ordinator
Lonsdale School


Paper, Scissors, Stone – Group exhibition @ Parndon  Mill Gallery 2015

“Thank you all so much for putting on such a fascinating exhibition. It was so successful with all our visitors, and there were a great many of them. As I said, some came several times, bringing others with them to see it. All were amazed by the intricacy and the amount of work and ingenuity involved in making the pieces. I enjoyed it too and am sorry it has gone.”

Sally Anderson
The Gallery
Parndon Mill

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