I was paying attention… honest!

Like many artists, I have to supplement my income with other employment to keep the wolf from the door. Apart from my creative facilitation, I am also a coach driver. This is something I have done for years, and actually, I still enjoy the need to be up with the lark first thing in the morning (hmm, what time do larks arise I wonder?) and that I have but a couple of hours of the day that this particular role fills leaving me free to pursue my other more creative activities. The down side of this, is that due to recent legislation, I am required, along with every other UK driver, to complete further training (above and beyond my PCV license), in order to maintain this position. Now, I’m always open to learn new things. Alas the course we have to complete is generic in form for various transportation workers and as long as we attend 35 hours training by an approved trainer, no matter if it is repeated modules, then we get the green light.

Well, I have just finished two days that about 35% of the content was directly related to Coaching (the same module repeated), there was a long discussion about temperature of fish transportation be they living or dead and the fact that pineapples should NEVER be stored with avocados… Oh, and lets not even go there with green onions, they really are the bad boys!  None the less, I wanted to find a way of staying engaged, so I doodled! I did have a discussion with the trainer beforehand about scientific study concerning increased attention levels and doodling, but I’m not sure if he was convinced. I was of course worried that it might be perceived as being rude, hence this discussion, and felt sure he was testing out this theory by asking me a great deal of questions (not necessarily acknowledging the answers), and leaving others in the room to sleep! I am glad to report, I answered all questions correctly and completed the quizzes at the end of the sessions without difficulty.

I must say, these trainers are working a particularly difficult crowd, drivers, owners, transport managers and mechanics who simply do not value the course purpose… and then they get me, some strange artist/coach driver who wants to engage in a left field discussion about psychological theory of doodling!

So, here we have evidence of my last training day this year, 7 hours well spent?

Drawing Attention Jo Howe artist
Drawing Attention

3 thoughts on “I was paying attention… honest!

  1. This post left me howling! I’m a “doodler” as well. In fact, I recently had a discussion about doodling with my “other” during a phone call and this study you were talking about came up! Well done, and keep doodling!


    1. Ah, thanks. Nearly got myself in a whole heap of trouble that day, but just staying awake for the whole course stood in my favour! Mind you, the trainer did remark at the end, after glancing at the doodle, ‘not to give up the day job’ (Driving coaches in his eyes)… I didn’t have the heart to correct his assumption by this stage


      1. Well the joke’s on him! You got both the required training and an awesome doodle out of the deal. I used to doodle during Commander’s Calls in the military…a touchy business. I found if I didn’t doodle that I wasn’t getting the information. Just another trial for artists to endure, I guess. LOL


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