Getting back to it.

Gosh, hasn’t it been a while!

For various reasons, most of which has been way beyond my control, I have had to step back from my practice and tend to other activities.

Well, light is glimpsing at the end of that particular tunnel, and although I may not be able to return to full power just yet, I have actually made it back into the studio! Hoorah!

So, then of course the first thought was, ermmmm?

I always find it  interesting trying to get back into things after a break (and bloody frustrating as well), so, I returned to the old favourite by revisiting the doodle. It always intrigues me where this process takes me, and that I still battle the desire to chastise myself for ‘wasting valuable studio time’.

However, yet again,  I have become aware of the importance of making marks, loosening up and just generally allowing the mind to wander unhindered by the pressure of achieving specific outcomes. I am firmly convinced that if you give the mind time untethered, interesting things usually start to happen.

What I find most intriguing about this process, is my need for bold colours. Seems quite distant from my book work. I’m sure there is a very good reason… it just hasn’t surfaced for me yet.

Ah, well… trust in the process.

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