Day One – #50DaysCreating

Does an ‘aside’ necessarily mean less than?

I have for some considerable time worked on small pieces of work that exist alongside, I guess what I have always called my main practice, to keep me fresh, engaged and allow the brain to wander and explore. I have noticed that these projects tend to be bold, colourful and quite graphic in flavour. This process I have always considered integral and indeed essential to my practice as an artist. I have, many a time unlocked new ideas, solutions to dilemmas and rather delightfully, wonderful new directions to creatively travel whilst being otherwise engaged in this  almost automatic activity.

For quite sometime, working with mount board, hand-made papers, print, collage and the scalpel, I produce, what I have termed as ‘doodle cuts’. They inevitably (bar the odd one or two dressing my studio wall and a few that made it into a book form), end up in the dark recesses of my litter bin.

As a way of honouring this process and to bring those little gems into the light, I have decided to start a #50DayCreating project. So, from today and everyday there after for 50 Days, I will produce and share one doodle cuts. I am also considering showing them at my next event, Art Fair East in December alongside my regular and more familiar work. I believe showing them together could offer a more complete picture of who I am as an artist and afford a greater insight into my particular creative behaviours.

I would be interested to know your thoughts.

Here goes…I hope you enjoy them.

Day One #50DaysCreating #DoodleCuts #Experimentation #ArtistProcess #Art

Day One #DoodleCut
Day One #DoodleCut


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