Exhibiting at Trestle Arts Base

Jo Howe book sculpture echoes-of-fragrant-voices
Echoes of fragrant voices

I am pleased to announce that my exhibition, ‘Echoes of Fragrant Voices’ will be showing at the lovely Trestle Arts Base in St Albans for a month, opening this Saturday 11th January. Please ensure you check the website for opening times.

Trestle Arts Base

Great start to a new year!

Variation of surface intensity-detail jo howe book sculpture
Variation of surface intensity-detail

Super delighted to have found out today that I have been once again accepted for Turn the Page.

Turn the page artists’ book fair is a UK and international exhibiting and selling platform for artists who are creating work that is inspired by the structural and conceptual properties of the book form.

The event is held over 2 days in the spectacular atrium
at the Forum, Norwich and is fast establishing its place amongst the top UK Book Art events.

Dates this year are Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd May 2014

I really enjoyed this excellently organised event last year. The quality of work on offer was very high, the artists engaging and exciting and the visitors were just lovely!

Looking forward to May!



Exhibitions…Just like the buses!

Isn’t it always the way. A drought in viable exhibiting opportunities then four come along at once!

So, and of course not pointing this towards my American readers (commute would be a bit of a stretch!), here’s what’s happening very, very soon.

Oh, and yes, fingers crossed does work sometimes 🙂

Solo show – Between the Lines

Private View 27 November 2013, 6pm to 8pm

Showing a small sample of work in the new Brent Civic Centre.
Between the Lines Jo Howe solo exhibition

In Search of Secrets

Another group ‘Pop up Exhibition’ organised by the lovely Rebecca Jarvest , showing two of my works.

East Contemporary Art: A Collection of 21st Century Practice

26 November, 6pm – 8pm, Waterfront Art Gallery, University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich.

An evening of conversation in the Waterfront Gallery. ‘What is a 21st Century Collection?’ an exchange of ideas plus the second exhibition of the collection featuring one of my works from the collection.

And last but not least, I have been most fortunate to have been selected to show in UH Galleries Eastern Approaches
Open to the public from Thursday 5 December 2013 until Sunday 12 January 2014 at The Museum of St Albans

Pages turned in Norwich – a review of Turn the Page 2013

Well, what a great time in Norwich, and what a great place.

I have returned from my Turn the Page experience, a book artists heaven. On offer, a plethora of amazing books in all their glorious forms for reading, viewing, engaging and interacting as well as poetry readings, storytelling and demonstrations.

I felt really privileged to have been selected to show here in the Forum, in the heart of Norwich, alongside such talented creatives.

This was the first time I had ever contemplated an art fair. It was a really useful experience, remaining connected to the work, rather than just dropping off and collecting it after an exhibition. I found it fascinating discussing my work with visitors, sometimes finding I was justifying the works existence, sometimes just delighting in the visitors engagement and reading of what was on offer. All interactions I found so useful for so many different reasons.

I was supremely humbled by one particular visitors response to one of my pieces, Internal Dialogue. Moved almost to tears, his engagement and reading of the work reminded me that art can result in pure unexpected emotions for the receiver. I have always believed in what I produce and if I didn’t, then for me it would not be worth doing at all.

I was also so fortunate to meet some really talented artists and delight in their work. Particular highlights for me were, Theresa Easton, Emma Lloyd, Nicola DaleJen Fox, Kate Marsden, Catherine Laura Ward and Lucy Baxandall.

Feel inspired… try this, the Summer Reads Book Art Competition

Look out for Turn the Page 2014… I feel sure it will again be an event not to be missed!

Jo Howe Exhibiting at ‘Turn the Page Artists Book Fair’ in Norwich 3rd and 4th May

Very excited to be part of this event. Looks like it will be a great couple of days! So, If you are near Norwich come on in and say hi.