What next?

I have finally resurfaced after another great show at Turn the Page in the beautiful and vibrant city of Norwich. Great crowds, beautiful works, interesting and thought provoking conversations and a chance to catch up with friends.

Silence – Unspoken words

Now looking forward,  it’s going to be a considerable time of change.

I begin a new adventure in September, studying for a second MA, this time in Arts Therapy. I have had an interest in this area for some considerable time and I am excited to be embarking on this new challenge. I am particularly looking forward  to being back into formal learning, where I know I will thrive with the diversity of a rich educational experience.

It will be a busy time… I am looking forward to another show with the collective PAPER SCISSORS STONE at Obsidian Art in Aylesbury in October 2017 as well as developing new work for my third and largest solo show, ‘Finding Words’ at the stunning Parndon Mill early in 2018.

Summertime in the studio… bliss





Gallery update

The gallery has now been updated to show new work, fresh from this years Turn the Page event.

These are shown below and now found in corresponding areas in the gallery.

Sealed pages

Silence – Bound
Silence – Unspoken words
Silence – Uncomfortably quiet

Cut Pages

Control systems

Artist Books




New work for Turn The Page 2017

I am very excited, yet again, to have been invited to show at Turn The Page this year. This is always such an incredible event, with a broad range of artists all working with ‘The Book’ in a wide variety of ways.

I have again created some new work for the show, a few photos below to give a sense of what I’ve been up to.

Come along and see… all artists stay with their work and it is great chance to not only see the diversity of work on offer, but also to talk to the artists directly.

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th May 2017.

See you there.



Everything I wanted to say – New work

Everything I wanted to say

Encyclopaedia illustration plates, Pyrography, Antique suitcases.


Pages turned in Norwich

Just coming up for air after the 5th Anniversary of  Turn the Page Artist Book Fair, hosted in the beautiful Forum in the heart of the city.

Huge thanks go, yet again, to the efficient, friendly and professional Turn the Page team headed by Jules Allen, a talented artist in her own right. Always a joy to work with you all!

Yet again, a plethora of beautiful work and talented and engaging people resided at the Forum for two days.

My particular favourites  I have shared below.  They grab my interest not just as amazing objects to connect with, but the ideas behind the work are just as rich. Explore more at the artists links.

Pien Rotterdam – http://www.waterleafpaperandwords.com

Lola Swain – http://www.artbookart.com/

Jen Fox – https://uk.pinterest.com/jendyfox7/

Rosie Sherwood – https://twitter.com/rosie__sherwood

Gloria Ceballos – http://www.gloriaceballos.com/en/home/

Gloria Ceballos

Caroline Penn – http://carolinepenn.com/

Chris Ruston – http://www.chrisruston.com/

Karen Apps – http://www.karenapps.com/

Su Blackwell – http://www.sublackwell.co.uk/

Not long now @ttpABF

So nearly completed … and just in time. Only 17 days to go until Turn the Page 2016.
So thrilled to be showing at this fabulous event alongside some incredibly talented and inspiring artists. This year, my work will be yet again, a large installation piece. I’m very excited to have it installed and can’t wait to see the fabulous light in the Forum dance all over it.
No more clues… come along and see for yourself.

Turn the Page




Futures publication

Feeling rather flattered to be the cover for The University of Hertfordshire Alumni magazine, Futures, as well as a double page spread.
All looks rather grand and reads well.

Thanks to Louise at UH for hunting me down 😀

Futures magazine cover
Futures magazine cover
Futures spread
Futures spread


New New Works at Trelissick Gallery April – May 2016

I will be exhibiting some small works from my ‘Flora and Fauna’ Series at Trelissick Gallery this Spring – April through till May. Trelissick Gallery showcases artists working in …

Source: New New Works at Trelissick Gallery April – May 2016

Open Day at Langley End Studio

  We are delighted to announce we will be throwing open the doors at Langley End Studio and celebrating our new premises with an open day. The fabulous Thornhill Jewellery located on the same …

Source: Open Day at Langley End Studio

Inspiring visit and fabulous outcomes

So, I made a visit to a rather fabulous group of young people from the inspiring Blanche Nevile school for deaf children last year after a class teacher,  Lucy Christian, contacted me to enquire about me and my work and whether I would be interested in going in to offer some workshops and engagement. They were working towards an  illustration project for Warhorse / WW1, using book art as inspiration. Unfortunately, I was just too snowed under with other commitments to be able to fulfil this, but I was able to pop in for an hour, to share my work, have a chat and drink tea (always a useful bargaining tool!).

It was for me a fabulous way to spend an hour. The young people Sama, Juelle, Xamse, Mark and Shihab were so engaged, motivated, sensitive and actually so wonderfully excited about the possibilities of book art. I was so inspired by each and every one of them I met. All the engagement  was so individual, some were more intrigued about the practicalities of book page manipulation some more focussed on the ideas behind the work. One particular young man absolutely blew me away. He seemed interested in a particular work, a rather personal work that would perhaps be difficult to explain in that setting. I needn’t have worried… the delight was that he told me how it made him feel, and what it meant to him. What a joy, and so interesting that it seemed to impact him in a similar way to where my expression had come from.

So. I have been thrilled to continue to stay in contact with Lucy and through her, the young people I met. In particular, I have been really interested in how they got on with the project and how my visit may have influenced their illustrations.

You can probably guess how thrilled I was to receive these images of their final work, and also to note that they had also been working with a graphic designer, namely Matthew Jones.

So here is their work. I think it is all so wonderfully considered and uniquely executed.

Xamse's illustration
Xamse’s illustration
Xamse's  book cover
Xamse’s book cover

I really enjoy Xamse’s use of collage paper on book text as an illustrative technique for the poppies. I particularly like the detail of the cannon wheels that have been very carefully and precisely cut away from the book page. Works well as almost a mirrored front and back cover.

Shihab's illustration
Shihab’s illustration
Shihab's poster
Shihab’s poster

I love this work by Shihab. What I particularly enjoy is seeing the original against the final work and seeing the process clearly. In the illustration the work is much more three-dimensional with an illustrated bit or stirrup used as a framing device. I am particularly attracted to the three-dimensional poppies that are so delicately suspended. In the final poster, the decision was clearly made to adopt a more hand drawn style, replicating the framing device and also extending to a drawn horse (not an easy animal to draw).

Sama's illustration
Sama’s illustration
Sama's poster
Sama’s poster

Sama really became interested in the practical application of paper, and was very keen to explore while I was there, different ways to manipulate paper. My goodness, she certainly got the hang of it. Clearly adopting a three-dimensional approach, utilising rolling techniques, this design is beautiful, and I particularly enjoy the suggested horse outline, defined by the book page curls. The final poster, though loosing a little of the richness of the original illustration due to the black and white approach, combines a background that brings energy and drama as well as working well across the colour choice of the poster as a whole.

Marks illustration
Marks illustration
Mark's poster
Mark’s poster

I really enjoy the cleanness of Mark’s approach as well as the graphic illustration of the horse (quite beautifully executed), utilising a book page as the medium. The final poster really seems to come alive with what appears to be a suggestion of burning around the edge.

Juelle's illustration
Juelle’s illustration
Juelle's book cover
Juelle’s book cover

And last but not least, this work from Juelle. I really enjoy the use of three-dimensional and two-dimensional approaches from Juelle, exploring what paper can do. Particularly impressed with the kusudama flowers, not an easy thing to create. I really enjoy the contrast of those against the poppies and the book page cut barbed wire.

Hurrah for all teachers like Lucy Christian, and I have been most fortunate of meeting a fair few,  who understand the importance of thinking outside the box and offering inspiring encounters. It is just as inspiring for me too… thank you Sama, Juelle, Xamse, Mark and Shihab for that gift!