Books, words and sharing inspirations

Of course, book sculpture, book arts, artist books or altered books have been around for a considerable time. I am inspired by many artists and having just been asked by a good friend to recommend some creative book viewing pleasure, I thought it would be good to share to a broader audience… so here are some of those artists that particularly delight me in this field sometimes with their concept, sometimes their amazing skill and craft and of course many with all those ingredients rolled into one!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

American Peoples - Brian Dettmer

The outrageously talented Brian Dettmer

Alice a mad tea party - Su Blackwell

The delightful, playful work of Su Blackwell 

Grand Larousse - Guy Laramee

Jaw dropping Guy Laramee

Anthologia (Devotion Series) - Jacqueline Rush Lee

The colourful feminine work of Jacqueline Rush Lee

Persuasion - Georgia Russell

The precision of Georgia Russell 

Untitled (yellow book) - Jill Sylvia

Patience and concept of Jill Sylvia

Beautiful Inside My Head Forever: Damien Hirst - Noriko Ambe

Intriguing Norike Ambe 

Traumgedanken (“Thoughts on dreams”) - Maria Fischer

Exquisite work of Maria Fischer

Whisplash - Meg Hitchcock

Intricate Meg Hitchcock

New work – ‘A Sense of Self’

Ok, so I’ve been busy working with some amazing staff and pupils at a local special educational needs school exploring our ‘sense of self’? Really has been quite a journey which will culminate in a group show of pupils, staff and about 14 professional artists entitled ‘A sense of self’. I’m really looking forward to the show, a celebration of creative expression and diversity.

So here is a new work that I am submitting. It really has been interesting… when all my work essentially stems from personal experiences to focusing on oneself specifically, the dynamics of my practice shifted.





Developing work

Sometimes the work flows with the greatest of ease in a delicious almost unstoppable outpouring. Sometimes it’s like prising out the stone from an unripe peach.

Is the fact that work is born from different mind sets could dramatically alter the value and reception of what is produced?

Ah… well… some work ongoing…

Marketing… how to get your work noticed

Ok, so this is very old news, but still worth talking about. I really enjoy this artist’s work, but also most intrigued by the motives behind leaving work anonymously…  Either way, unique and delicious gifts celebrating all things ‘book’ or a ingenious marketing campaign ( when the artist is revealed, everyone is already talking about the work and the creator)… giving me ideas around how to break the cloak of an artists invisibility.

Loosen the brain, delving into the creative pot

Ah, as is so often the case, balancing the workload between educational practice and studio development is a difficult thing. The practicalities are that I can diarise the day or indeed days in the week when I can focus on my practice, develop the work and produce hopefully an outcome that fits what I am trying to communicate. Needless to say, what sometimes happens on these days, is that I find myself devoid of any creative thought/passion/drive.

Alas… I cannot afford to put aside a day/days in the week for general mooching (though in hindsight… there could be benefits to this process, no matter how frustrating)!

So, I am developing a way forward, knowing that what has unlocked me many a time before is automatic mark making or writing. I am now utilizing this approach but with a scalpel in hand and a book under my fingers.

Interesting results.

Automatic Scalpel