Devil’s bit scabious

Ok, so experimentation continues apace. You just never know where the journey will take you, I mean, who knew I would be dabbling with a film approach?

Not sure where this is going at the moment, if anywhere, but I am really mesmerized by this at the moment. Just need to sit back and question what it is that captures me?

Take a look (note…this is a slow reveal!).

Devil’s bit scabious from Howeunique on Vimeo.

New work – ‘A Sense of Self’

Ok, so I’ve been busy working with some amazing staff and pupils at a local special educational needs school exploring our ‘sense of self’? Really has been quite a journey which will culminate in a group show of pupils, staff and about 14 professional artists entitled ‘A sense of self’. I’m really looking forward to the show, a celebration of creative expression and diversity.

So here is a new work that I am submitting. It really has been interesting… when all my work essentially stems from personal experiences to focusing on oneself specifically, the dynamics of my practice shifted.





Developing work

Sometimes the work flows with the greatest of ease in a delicious almost unstoppable outpouring. Sometimes it’s like prising out the stone from an unripe peach.

Is the fact that work is born from different mind sets could dramatically alter the value and reception of what is produced?

Ah… well… some work ongoing…

It’s a good step forward!

So, I having been practicing as an artist for the last five years and only now having the confidence to really start getting my work out there… I have been much more proactive recently in connecting with groups, organisations and generally becoming a little more present. I recently have been selected on Axis, a really good arts organisation in the UK. I have just been selected alongside another artist to be Axis choice this week (by the Axis curatorial team). How very exciting and a great confidence boost!

Check it out here.

In the mean time… been very busy in the studio, riding on the coast of a terrific creative wave, or should that be flow?

Work in progress shots coming soon…

Loosen the brain, delving into the creative pot

Ah, as is so often the case, balancing the workload between educational practice and studio development is a difficult thing. The practicalities are that I can diarise the day or indeed days in the week when I can focus on my practice, develop the work and produce hopefully an outcome that fits what I am trying to communicate. Needless to say, what sometimes happens on these days, is that I find myself devoid of any creative thought/passion/drive.

Alas… I cannot afford to put aside a day/days in the week for general mooching (though in hindsight… there could be benefits to this process, no matter how frustrating)!

So, I am developing a way forward, knowing that what has unlocked me many a time before is automatic mark making or writing. I am now utilizing this approach but with a scalpel in hand and a book under my fingers.

Interesting results.

Automatic Scalpel