Time flies… new studio, new work


Well, it has been quite a while since my last post. Life has, as ever,  interfered with everything else i’d rather have been doing for quite a while now.

Hey, ho… all necessary experiences, some good, some not quite so good…  no doubt they will all inform my practice at some stage or the other.

One of the more positive shifts of late, has been a studio move. I have been so very lucky in sharing my work space with some supremely talented artists in the past, not only at The Forge, as a Digswell Arts fellow but more recently,  with Jojo Taylor, Anji Archer, and Christina Bryant. My old studio was a lovely space, but the location was never idyllic and the studio was a little too dark, despite the beautiful window (rather a carrot dangler). I have also found I have out grown the space, size wise.

Old studio
Old studio

That great fortune of  a working environment with talented artists and generally all round lovely people continues with a new studio sharing with the fabulous Gill Ayre and Karen Picton.

The move has enabled a real kick start in some interesting work for me and lots of ideas bouncing around. The location works better, slightly nearer to home, on a farm with great scenery, great ‘roomies’ lovely neighbours and a place to picnic at lunchtimes!

I’m sure winter will prove a challenge, but I am quite well adapted to the extremes of an unheated environment. At present, I am really enjoying the sun streaming in the window, all through the day, illuminating the space delightfully.

Studio exterior
Studio interior
Studio interior

New work in progress

A little sample of work in progress. This follows on from some very recent pieces, still on show at Space2 Gallery, Watford Museum until 29th August. This new work will be shown at the Lewis Gallery, Rugby School, Warwickshire in November and December this year as the continuation of the Paper Scissors Stone touring exhibition.

Work in progress - detail
Work in progress – detail
Work in progress - detail
Work in progress – detail

As ever, the remnants of my process delight almost as much as the work itself… or is that just me and my preoccupation with anything papery!


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