Pages turned in Norwich

Just coming up for air after the 5th Anniversary of  Turn the Page Artist Book Fair, hosted in the beautiful Forum in the heart of the city.

Huge thanks go, yet again, to the efficient, friendly and professional Turn the Page team headed by Jules Allen, a talented artist in her own right. Always a joy to work with you all!

Yet again, a plethora of beautiful work and talented and engaging people resided at the Forum for two days.

My particular favourites  I have shared below.  They grab my interest not just as amazing objects to connect with, but the ideas behind the work are just as rich. Explore more at the artists links.

Pien Rotterdam –

Lola Swain –

Jen Fox –

Rosie Sherwood –

Gloria Ceballos –

Gloria Ceballos

Caroline Penn –

Chris Ruston –

Karen Apps –

Su Blackwell –

Comments are most welcomed

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