You have just got to watch this… Stunning animation (and of course the fact that it uses paper delights me). Mesmerising! “Shugo Tokumaru – “Katachi” (Official Music Video)” on YouTube

I know days like that!

Rather delicious working around the problem, that really is my process… it’s always the events around the main stage that unravels the brain. Doodles are most definitely my most effective tool and my most effective time waster!

So found this wonderfully rich animation that illustrates the point, excuse the pun!


Procrastination from ism studios on Vimeo.

Olympic diversion…

Ok, so it’s been way too long away from the computer, the studio and all that is creative. I have been busy with my other hat on (coach driving) and getting the necessary pennies rolling in that doesn’t come so readily from my creative pursuits. On the plus side, I have been very caught up in the Olympic buzz with multiple trips back and forth to the Olympic Park, and surprised myself as to how much I am enjoying it and more specifically the upbeat mood that I am encountering with all the spectators.

Having a day of rest, I am able to reacquaint myself with some creative inspirations… this one I just had to share… most delicious!


Much Better Now from Salon Alpin on Vimeo.

By the Book: Stanford Kay

Another great find from the creative explorer that is Artsy Forager… This one especially appeals… For obvious reasons!

Artsy Forager

I don’t always read Artist Statements but sometimes one just describes the artist’s work and vision so perfectly that I don’t feel like there is any way my words can improve upon it.  Such is the case of New York artist Stanford Kay.  His artist statement was so completely lovely, I’d like to let him speak for his own work.

“At first, there is paint and desire. Paint is applied, removed, and applied again.  It makes suggestions. It is edited without mercy. The image and the need to signify arrive later. Books as images within these paintings offer formal modernist possibilities while also serving as an embodiment of content.”

“Both paintings and books are vessels for ideas, experience and memory.  The books we read and the paintings we love and choose to live with, 
define us.  A book requires the reader to assemble images and ideas out of its signs and symbols. Likewise, a painting asks that you translate its strokes and drips into…

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A little bit of magic…

Just had to share this; dropped into my sight via the source of lots of fab info Huffington Post. How delicious to couple a child’s imagination with their very own soft toy… pure magic!

Check out these beauties and go look further at Wendy’s site Child’s Own Studio for more wonderful creations.

by Maya, age 4
by Maya, age 4
by Zoe, age 5
by Zoe, age 5
Polly Peanut Butter Bee by Joel
Polly Peanut Butter Bee by Joel

Sometimes you just feel it and don’t know why!

Ok, so sometimes I see work and think… ‘that’s not me, not my style and the subject matter is not what floats my boat but…..’ yes, I am really enjoying this, and sometimes it’s great NOT to know why!

See what it does for you…

Sage Vaughn - Ruby Throats
Sage Vaughn – Ruby Throats
Sage Vaughn - The Judge
Sage Vaughn – The Judge
Sage Vaughn - Ring Cycle II
Sage Vaughn – Ring Cycle II

More delights to be found at the home of Sage Vaughn

Books, words and sharing inspirations

Of course, book sculpture, book arts, artist books or altered books have been around for a considerable time. I am inspired by many artists and having just been asked by a good friend to recommend some creative book viewing pleasure, I thought it would be good to share to a broader audience… so here are some of those artists that particularly delight me in this field sometimes with their concept, sometimes their amazing skill and craft and of course many with all those ingredients rolled into one!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

American Peoples - Brian Dettmer

The outrageously talented Brian Dettmer

Alice a mad tea party - Su Blackwell

The delightful, playful work of Su Blackwell 

Grand Larousse - Guy Laramee

Jaw dropping Guy Laramee

Anthologia (Devotion Series) - Jacqueline Rush Lee

The colourful feminine work of Jacqueline Rush Lee

Persuasion - Georgia Russell

The precision of Georgia Russell 

Untitled (yellow book) - Jill Sylvia

Patience and concept of Jill Sylvia

Beautiful Inside My Head Forever: Damien Hirst - Noriko Ambe

Intriguing Norike Ambe 

Traumgedanken (“Thoughts on dreams”) - Maria Fischer

Exquisite work of Maria Fischer

Whisplash - Meg Hitchcock

Intricate Meg Hitchcock

And more stop motion…

I’m am so fixated by stop motion at the moment, and wonder if I should be paying more attention to this… perhaps dusting the cobwebs away from the camera and re- investigate my own practice in this field should be explored… ahhh, if only time would allow right now (and of course ability)!

Check out this amazing work from the clever stable that is Aardman with the incredible sand artists from sandinyoureye