I know days like that!

Rather delicious working around the problem, that really is my process… it’s always the events around the main stage that unravels the brain. Doodles are most definitely my most effective tool and my most effective time waster!

So found this wonderfully rich animation that illustrates the point, excuse the pun!


Procrastination from ism studios on Vimeo.

Devil’s bit scabious

Ok, so experimentation continues apace. You just never know where the journey will take you, I mean, who knew I would be dabbling with a film approach?

Not sure where this is going at the moment, if anywhere, but I am really mesmerized by this at the moment. Just need to sit back and question what it is that captures me?

Take a look (note…this is a slow reveal!).

Devil’s bit scabious from Howeunique on Vimeo.

Olympic diversion…

Ok, so it’s been way too long away from the computer, the studio and all that is creative. I have been busy with my other hat on (coach driving) and getting the necessary pennies rolling in that doesn’t come so readily from my creative pursuits. On the plus side, I have been very caught up in the Olympic buzz with multiple trips back and forth to the Olympic Park, and surprised myself as to how much I am enjoying it and more specifically the upbeat mood that I am encountering with all the spectators.

Having a day of rest, I am able to reacquaint myself with some creative inspirations… this one I just had to share… most delicious!


Much Better Now from Salon Alpin on Vimeo.

Finding time…

So it’s that time of year again, the main SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) schools project work comes to a conclusion… loads of assessments to do but also the big end of school year celebration to look forward to, so exciting!

Thought it was about time to share a little of the work that these amazing young people  produce… beyond delightful!

The beginning of the course always has some kind of film element, more usually animation (so those who have been following my blog will now have a greater understanding why I am so inspired and therefore post many an animation).

So, here is one of my favourite animation works… perhaps because I still remember how these young people blew me away with their engagement, ideas and sense of joy… and of course working alongside the fabulous and talented Violist Judy Manning,  the mastermind who set up this project back in 2008, always a great pleasure.


We always have a ‘Pop’ element, with song writing, performance, sound creation and CD design. This one was rather fab… the songwriting led by the talented Tom Billington and design led by myself…. love the form and colour in this… and the song’s pretty damm good too!

There is of course so much more to share… but I will wait until The Funky Pie Company site is fully live and active. Until then… feel free to explore The Funky Pie Company Channel.


And more stop motion…

I’m am so fixated by stop motion at the moment, and wonder if I should be paying more attention to this… perhaps dusting the cobwebs away from the camera and re- investigate my own practice in this field should be explored… ahhh, if only time would allow right now (and of course ability)!

Check out this amazing work from the clever stable that is Aardman with the incredible sand artists from sandinyoureye

More Stop Motion

I always find a draw towards stop motion animation. It might be that I use this alot in my educational practice and the wonder and magic of seeing objects ‘come to life’ never  fails to be lost on the wonderful young people I work alongside. That kind of delight is infectious.

Just found this one… delicious if not a bitter sweet outcome.