More Stop Motion

I always find a draw towards stop motion animation. It might be that I use this alot in my educational practice and the wonder and magic of seeing objects ‘come to life’ never  fails to be lost on the wonderful young people I work alongside. That kind of delight is infectious.

Just found this one… delicious if not a bitter sweet outcome.



Let Yourself Feel…

…relaxed, sublime, refreshed… just a couple of words that spring to mind when watching this. I now feel ready to walk away from the day that was and look forward to the day that could be. Delicious!

Andersen M Studio – combines paper and stop frame animation

Love this work. The Andersen M Studio has a plethora of great work… not normally one to promote these kind of firms, but hey… must be a leaning back to my educational roots, and some of their stuff is just ingenious.

LOL – Amazing show!

Just been to experience this…  incredible, thought provoking, humorous and ever so slightly unnerving! Would highly recommend this show if dance theatre is your bag… or if social networking is in your remit…

Smile inducing Brain Activity!

Never really been sure about Shrigley’s work but very often it has brought about a wry smile… watching this has made that smile broader… well that’s what floats my boat today!

Bonkers brain workout!

Ok, so check this out. I really don’t know what it is that I’m getting from this, but it is kinda Sunday night surreal slumber play, and I am getting something!

Do we really have to understand, as long as it provokes/stirs within… try it out.